The Skin: An Aesthetic Organ as well as a Functional Organ

When one thinks skin, the first thought that pops in the head is beauty or appearance. We live in a world these days where a lot of emphasis is given on the outwardly appearance of beauty. We tend to forget that looks, beauty, appearance all tend to phase away with age, but what remains is the health of the organ. The skin protects the inside of our body from external stressors such as pollution, cold, heat, free radical damage. In order to allow for the skin to function at its optimal it is necessary to care for and treat the skin as the living breathing organ it is. Extreme changes in the weather affect the functionality of the skin and prevents it from being at its optimal. As we gear up for the cold weather ahead be sure to exfoliate, hydrate, and protect your skin so that you can have that wonderful glow for the holidays!!