Meet Meghna

Mondays with MeghnaHaving gone to school for a professional degree in Mental Health Counseling, Meghna received her B.S in Psychology with a minor in Cultural Diversity and Bio Chemistry and her M.S. in Counseling. After her son was born with the support from her husband she decided to change her career path and re-entered the world of Esthetics and received her certification from the Aveda Institute Chicago and is a licensed Esthetician.

Meghna did not want to simply “give facials” and “relax” the client on her table, she wanted to make a difference and transform skin. In order to be able to do that she knew that her knowledge base was very limited and she was going to have to educate herself at a much deeper level than what she had learned in Esthetics School. She continued to pursue advanced classes to understand inflammatory skin conditions and ingredients to address those concerns, while she started treating clients for acne, rosacea, aging, and pigmentation. In July 2011, she proudly opened Aesthetica Day Spa, in Mokena, Illinois in partnership with her husband, who ran the business end of things while she continued to strive in her mission of educating her clients and staff.

Seeing the success rate in transforming clients’ skin made her wonder why she was able to do it with such deep understanding while most estheticians were still struggling with the stigma that the esthetics industry is geared towards the bored housewife who comes to the spa for a relaxing day. She realized that it was the lack of education that was encouraging that thought process. Meghna developed and launched an educational training program called the Art of Aesthetica Assistantship Program to educate the estheticians who were going to represent her and her spa. She mandates every professional that joins her team to go through a 12-week thorough training program that is designed to standardize the services whether that is for waxing, facial treatments or body treatments. The Estheticians in Training learn how to perform all services the “Aesthetica” way, which Meghna holds to a very high standard. The success of her program is apparent in the job satisfaction, on-going group classes, one-on-one education, and consistent increase in clientele all through word of mouth referrals.

She recently created ‘Mondays With Meghna’, a skincare educational series dedicated to educate the consumers as well as professionals on how to truly take care of the skin, the largest organ of the body. Meghna hopes to reach as many people as possible—anywhere in the world, so that they may be able to address their acne concerns, or melasma pigmentation disorder, or even just aging skin. She educates in a simple language with nothing more than raw knowledge on how to care for your largest organ, 100% brand neutral! It’s very informative. Tune in on Monday, April 15th to watch the very first episode of Mondays with Meghna on You Tube.