Aging Skin: What does that mean?

As a practitioner, I often hear the words, “I want anti-aging”, or “I don’t want to look older”; but what does that truly mean? The skin is a living breathing organ and just like any organ it too will age and deteriorate over time. Aging of the largest organ is inevitable, but preserving the health of your skin for as long as possible is definitely doable.

As we age, inflammation in our skin increases therefore preventing the skin from functioning at its optimal. When I provide care for someone’s aging skin, keeping inflammation at bay is key. If inflammation is low then the stem cells being produced are healthier, fibroblasts are producing adequate amount of collagen and elastin, and cell turnover is more efficient.

With aging also comes age spots, loss of collagen as well as elastin, and keratosis. When caring for aging skin it is important to introduce a myriad of performing ingredients as well as constantly switching ingredients out. In the next few blogs I hope to educate you on various anti-aging ingredients as well as aging concerns and solutions; so let’s get skin deep with Meghna!