Aesthetica Skin Care


Acne affects 80% of Americans at some point in their life. It is an incurable disease that can overtake the happiness, confidence & self-esteem of all who are effected by it. While there is no cure, you can MINIMIZE the symptomatology from the root cause that is the P. acnes bacteria

Meghna has educated herself for more than 13 years in inammatory skin conditions. Acne is the one condition she is most passionate about and intrigued by. Her approach to beat it is to truly understand the source as well as the trigger that activates this bacteria from its dormant state.

She identied that prescribing short-working antibiotics, then cycling through several other prescriptions was NOT the answer. What she has discovered over many years of treating children and young adults is there are a multitude of factors responsible for activating the bacteria and manifesting the disease.

The severity of acne and the trigger vary from person to person. One plan does not fit all. Meghna has perfected these customized treatment plans over the last 10 years at Aesthetica Skin Care. It has consistently yielded the highest and quickest transformations for more than 250 happy faces and counting.

It works like a formula if the client follows a customized plan in its entirety. Aesthetica Acne Care is born.

We have 4 packages that include a proven combination of customized treatments, products and at-home care that is based on the type and grade of acne.

Clients have everything needed to successful- ly bring the disease in-check and keep symp- toms at bay. This non-prescription program is suitable for all ages and skin types.

Aesthetica Acne Care Program has a 99% SUCCESS RATE treating compliant clients who follow the program precisely.